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   Cephas Live Media

Welcome to the 'Cephas Live Media' Home Page. We invite all to this website to get educated. We are in a critical time and getting informed is essential. God is calling His assembly to get ready for the dawning of the third day.
Join teachers on live broadcasts, produced by a number of contributors to bring information that does not come over the corporate media and is much sought after by the people of the world.

We invite you to our broadcasts at Cephas-Radio.com as well at Nicholas Scrolls at the link below and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

The icon on the left is one of a series of magnificent paintings which is on one of the pages in full splendor. We received it without a name attached to it.  It depicts the Angel Michael closing the door on the chained seven headed beast, which happens after the seven year Tribulation. The beast is loosed again after the thousand year Millennium to test humanity after that comes the Great White Throne Judgment. Satan and the False Prophet and their followers will be tossed into the Lake of Fire forever.